Want to know about the history behind each Division 1A College football teams? As a fan of the craze, one has to know each university’s history behind their nickname, mascots and school colors.

Gary L. Hudson brings you The History of College Nicknames, Mascots and School Colors! The ultimate guide of every collegiate football fanatics!

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Gary Hudson’s The History of College Nicknames, Mascots and School Colors is an informative book in which everyone that has an interest or curiosity in knowing how various colleges got their names, slogans, and other titles are revealed. The author also includes historical facts and other cool fun trivia that are not known to many. I like how the book is organized, as each college in the book is given special attention with the author adding unknown details and why the colleges are famous. Reading this book was an exciting experience given the brevity of the paragraphs and simplicity of the sentences. I would say any reader from Young Adult and older can enjoy this light read.

The first institution in the book is Arizona State University. The institution’s nickname is ‘Sun Devils’. The mascot is Sun devil (Sparky). Arizona State University colors are maroon and gold. The conference is the Pacific 12 conference. The school name, nickname, mascot, colors, and conference arrangement the author used when introducing colleges was a great concept. The grouping gives one an idea of the school and basic facts one needs to know before jumping in into the history and other deeper details. I like that the author leaves nothing out.

Did you know that before being named Arizona State University, the learning institution was known as Tempe Normal? Not many knew that. The school’s nickname was also different, the Owls. This is part of the history the author writes about in the book. Reading through makes one feel like they are alumni or part of the institution. Gary Hudson is engaging and makes the reader get the impression of knowing so much about the various learning institutions written about in the book.

Many universities across America are known to produce professional athletes who go on to win major leagues and national sports contests. Gary Hudson’s book is perfect for you if you love and are interested in sports and especially football. The author in his writing pays special attention to Division 1A Football programs. Highlighting schools that participate in Division 1A Football programs is a great move by the author as he helps expose the talent that is in the mentioned schools.

The author writes modestly; his diction is uncomplicated and easy to comprehend. Everything discussed in the book is researched and solid. What you get in the book are facts. The reading experience gets even better if you come across a school you attended. It is a delight to see an author who dedicated his time to compile all the notes and facts about the many schools in the book.

The History of College Nicknames, Mascots and School Colors is a great read if you want to read non-fiction material that is short and factual. This is an informative book as well as being written in a way readers’ can feel the enthusiasm the author has put into every chapter.